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 "It's truly great work when you can help change the lives of others. I am blessed to be able to bless others by introducing them to a  better version of themselves."~Kendell 

"Life's most urgent question is: What are you doing for others?". ~ Martin Luther King Jr. 


  • “When I left the meeting with you, I felt incredible about this journey ahead. The energy that you possess and pour into your clients is unsurpassed. I couldn't wait to call my friends and family to let them know how phenomenal you are working with people! I say thank you for your sincere patience, kindness, service and embracing personality." ~Octavia S.

  • ​"Kendell has a very special skill or shall I say "gift", when it comes to matters of the heart and life. She has a unique ability to see your situation, in 3d, as if she was in it with you. She provides advice and perspective that s thoughtful and meaningful, not condescending and judgmental. She's coached me in tough times and in good times. She was extremely helpful. She motivated me to move to the next level." ~Terence P 

  • Hey Mrs. Motivator, I just applied to college to earn my business degree. Thanks for being so inspirational. Love you! ~Tracie D.

  • "My sessions with Kendell represent a safe place where I can be vulnerable and honest.  She is a dedicated listener who works with you to improve your life without judgment and who will meet you wherever you are in your journey. EMPOWERING..." ~ Karen H.

  • "Kendell always knows what to say, no matter you're going through.  I am blessed to have met such a wonderful and caring person. She truly cares." ~Lilly Y.

  • "In my sessions with Kendell, she shows me I can do better and have more out of life. I have been stuck for about 4 years and for the first time, I feel like I can move forward. She has helped me see things differently.  Kendell is a true coach. I can tell she wants me to win." ~Michelle D.

  • " I would like to give a shout out and a thanks to Kendell Lenice. Your Y.U.P. Series really motivated me to go back to school. If God willing, I'm going to renew my CNA medical assistant and phlebotomy license . I will then seek my RN (Registered Nurse degree).  Thank you!"  ~Shernell P.

  • "Kendell, I'm never letting you go. I want you to be my Life Coach always. You are really helping me through...  Thanks for truly caring." ~Valencia J.

  • ​"I want to say thank you again for being one of the persons to help motivate me to look at life differently, let go of the past and move forward. Continue to be you and thanks again." ~Margaret R.

  • ​"Thanks for being a ray of sunshine, when things appeared so dark. You words have changed my life!" Q. Walker

  • "I received your book on Saturday. It was OUTSTANDING. I am purchasing another 1 today, and about 5 next month I have 5 girlfriend’swhose birthdays are next month... Loved it!! ~Ni'sha A.

  • "Your book is AWESOME! This isn't your average book, it's life changing! I pray many are blessed by it.  ~Cherill A.

  • "I thought the book and coaching was just for women, but I was wrong. Men need both too." ~Charles D.

  • "The Lady Motivator Kendell Lenice came and spoke at the Boys & Girls Club in Delaware for the 2017 D.I.V.A.S. girls sleepover.  Her audience was a little different.  The audience consisted of girls ages 9-13.  The theme of this event was “Don’t give up”.  Kendell came in and the girls could not take their eyes of her.  She gave them motivational tools to take back into their homes, schools, and just for their everyday walk with life.  She told them how important they were as well.  Some girls needed a little more encouragement then others but Kendell has positive words that will last a life time for these young girls.   Kendell gave them a small project and left them with a phrase that they used all weekend.  “Celebrate Life”  ~Temia Holloway - Founder of D.I.V.A.S

  • ​"The girls loved you! Thank you for sharing such  great messages. And, I ask the girls every time I see them if they have given 2 compliments to another and 1 to themselves. I will not let them forget that!" Summer Seal -Program Director of G.E.M (Girls' Empowerment Mission)

  • "Hey Ms. Kendell it's your BFF Victoria here on behalf of GEM. We wanted to thank you for the wonderful lessons you taught us about why we are beautiful. You are also beautiful inside and out." ~Victoria & G.E.M

  • " I wanted to take the time to thank you for coming into my life and being a true blessing. I don't know what about you that makes me feel safe and comfortable  talking with you, but I am truly grateful that I do have that with you. Whether you know it or not, you have saved me from taking my own life and it truly means more than you will ever know. Thanks for being a reason to stay and fight!"  ~Life Coaching Client. (protecting privacy)


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“Kendell Lenice is the bomb!”
Victoria Able- McDaniel College

Community Outreach Feedback

 The workshop yesterday was absolutely fabulous and one for all the women to remember. I appreciate you so so so very much, and your words are powerful and meaningful. Because of people like you, success may not look so impossible for the residents here. 

Thanks again.
 Carin Prescott
Community Specialist
Radically Resident-Driven 

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