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 Transformation Expert

Certified Transformation Life Coach
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Meditation Practitioner/Teacher
Radio Talk Show Host
Certified Financial Coach 

​​She is affectionately called, Lady Motivator, which is truly her gift. She has been a life coach for more than a decade. It is her excitement for helping people which naturally led her to pursue her passion. Her daily goal is to empower people, motivating them to reach and discover their fullest potential. Her innate love for people compelled her to start Living True Living You- Life Coaching & Speaking. L.T.L.Y’s mission is quite simple. It was birthed to motivate women, men and children to live their best lives, through self-awareness and authenticity.

As transformation speaker and a certified transformation life coach; Kendell coaches individuals and/or groups to reinvent themselves through self-discovery, self-awareness and self-love. She believes that people are not a product of their past, nor are they a victim of any past circumstance. One of her key messages is to remind people that their toes are pointed forward for a reason. She encourages people to walk forward in life, remembering the past, but not dwelling in it. Kendell assists people in what she’s coined as, “Remixing Your Life.” "It's never too late to remix your life!" (copyright) She speaks on change and the betterment of thyself, as well as encouraging her followers to #celebratelife in the process.

“Everyone has a defining moment in their lives, where change begins to happen. As a certified transformation life coach and speaker, I am a catalyst for change, development and growth. It’s my duty to pour the 3-Ps…positivity, possibility and passion back into the lives of women, men and children.”

Through her own life, Kendell demonstrates the true sentiment that, "it's never too late to remix your life." (copyright) Not only did she coin the phrase for others, she is living proof that she believes what she talks about. She believes the only limitations in life are the ones we put on ourselves.

  Kendell has radio background as she wrote, produced and created her own Radio Talk Show~ Konversations w/ Kendell Lenice where she inspired, encouraged and coached viewers. "Konversations" was a platform to showcase guests; who have overcome obstacles and persevered after struggle or difficulty. It was also a show that motivated viewers to accomplish goals and to live their best lives. Her YouTube Motivational series, “The Y.U.P. Series (Your Underestimated Power) is along the same vein. It’s an unscripted motivational channel that reminds viewers of their power within. Join her on Instagram(@k.lenice) and be moved by Kendell's "Motivation Minute", where she motivates followers to make positive changes in their daily lives. #motivationminute

Kendell Lenice has an Associates Degree , as well as Bachelors Degree in Human Services (Magna Cum Laude graduate) and holds several certifications as an educational trainer, credit specialist, financial coach, transformational life coach, home-buying coach, life skills, relationship coaching and more. While an honors student at the University of Baltimore, she was selected and inducted into The National Society of Leadership and Success which is recognized worldwide. Arianna Huffington of The Huffington Post and Activist and Rapper Common, are amongst the elite membership.

She has served as the co-creator and co-host of Life Enhancement Radio. The show bearing the same name has been heard on WOLB-Baltimore (Radio One), WEAA-(Morgan State University), ReFocus Radio Network, Heaven 600 and iheart radio. Currently, Kendell can be heard on her  podcast SHINE with Kendell Lenice, where she shines her spotlight on people, topics and subjects that are honest, real and relevant to growth and life. Check her out every Wednesday night at 10pm (est)- SHINE the podcast. Available on Spreaker, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and more.

Kendell’s self-empowerment book , The Best Gift Ever: A Guide to Loving You ~Learning how to live your best life, which is available on Kendell challenges her readers to re-examine their lives through open honesty, realness, laughter and hard truths. She believes if you aren't living your best life, then you are not living! #thebestgifteverbook . Kendell’s latest book, GROWTH GLOW GRACE: A Guide To Being Better Wiser and More Fulfilled is available in e-book format for the very first time!  I am offering this option before my hard copy book becomes available in 2020! Both books available on She continues to inspire people with her purpose throughout her social media platforms, as well as a contributing writer for Purpose Driven Women magazine. Kendell writes about relationships, love, credit, life and much more. 

The Safety Net with Kendéll Lenice, A Safe Place to Tell You Truth is Kendell’s new talk show where she sits with guests as they share their life’s truths and darkest secrets to inspire and heal others. *Available on YouTube. 

Kendell Lenice travels the country as Lady Motivator. She sheds light, love and laughter to every audience.  She is currently working on new projects, so stay tuned. 

Meditation Practitioner Kendell Lenice

Everything Kendéll does is to elevate people! Among many certifications , she is now a CERTIFIED MEDIATION PRACTITIONER/TEACHER (Don’t need to be certified, but she wanted to be legit)! Starting in March( 2020], she will be holding both virtual and live classes. Meditation has AMAZING health benefits to assist you in LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE, mentally, physically and spiritually! 

Fun Fact:

 Exciting News: Kendell was contacted by Oprah Winfrey's OWN producers to appear on the highly rated show,  Iyanla Fix My Life. Kendell was asked to commentate on Fix My Life's most popular episode. Her face and voice graced the show, allowing her to appear of the Oprah Winfrey Network. 

The interesting thing about this all is that both ladies, Oprah Winfrey and Iyanla Vanzant are two women who've shaped Kendell in her goals to be a powerful business woman and life coach. 

Life is full of full circle moments.

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